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Chinese Embassy Hosts a Reception for UK Students
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Education Section of Chinese embassy in UK hosted a reception on August 29, 2008 to send off students who will study in China and welcome back those who have finished their study in China. Minister Counsellor Mr. Tian Xiaogang first introduced the great Beijing Olympic Games in his speech. As to studying abroad, he emphasized that studying abroad is not only for getting a good command of knowledge, but also an important way of strengthening mutual understanding. At present, More than 50,000 Chinese students are seeking their academic pursuits in UK, whereas only about 2,000 British students study in China. He hoped a right balance will be found in the two-way communication in the future. He suggested that students should not only stay in Beijing or Shanghai, but take the opportunity to go around and learn more about China. Since UK began to send students to China in 1955, he hoped that an association for UK returned students from China can be set up to conduct exchanges, and help China to develop.


University of Westminster Vice president Mr. Maurits von Rooijen in his impromptu speech also pointed out that British universities, especially University of Westminster attach great importance to the exchange and cooperation with China. The PCL program has been carried out for 31 years, which has become a brand for Sino-UK education exchanges. Through that program, British students have improved their Chinese language proficiency, and deepened their understanding about Chinese culture. This program, starting from 1977, has witnessed China’s reform and opening up. The university hopes that the program will be continuously carried out and give a higher yield.   


Mr. Darren Hammond, 2007 Chinese Government Scholarship awardee from University of Westminster spoke in English and Chinese as the students’ representative. He talked about his experience of learning Chinese, and extended thanks to Chinese government for giving him a chance to study and live in China. He sincerely hoped that Sino-UK education exchange will be carried forward.


Counselor Mr. Zhao Yongren of Chinese Embassy in UK, and representatives from University of Nottingham, London School of Economics, and University of Wales Lampeter also spoke in the reception. President of London School of Economics, and Dean of School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London wrote to express gratitude for providing UK students with Chinese Government Scholarship.

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