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Chinese Government Scholarship Standard Increased
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In recent years, China has achieved stable and rapid development in economy and great progress in reform and opening up. China’s international status and influence has been on the rise. More and more international students have been attracted to study in China. A great number of international young students get to know and love Chinese culture and help to bridge China and foreign countries. With the economic development, the number of students awarded Chinese Government Scholarship will be continuously increasing. In order to show concerns for international students, and considering international students’ living needs and rising prices, Chinese government has decided to increase the scholarship standard from January 2008 as follows:

1.    Living Allowance




Chinese Language Students


Master Degree Students

General Visiting Scholars


Doctor Degree Students

Senior Visiting Scholars


2.    One-off Settlement Subsidy for New Students

New Chinese Government Scholarship students who enter universities after January 1, 2008 will get one-off settlement subsidy as follows:

1,000 CNY for a study period of no more than one academic year

1,500 CNY for a study period of one academic year or above
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