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Cooperation Agreement Signed between CSC and China Kingho Group
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On December 8th, 2010, Dr. Liu Jinghui, Secretary-General of China Scholarship Council (CSC), signed an agreement of China Kingho Scholarship Program with Mr. Ma Xiaomin, Executive Vice President of China Kingho Group. Mr. Xu Wenfeng, who is in charge of the Human Resource Department of China Kingho Group, presided over the signing ceremony which was attended by Mr. Chen Xiyuan, Deputy Secretary-General of China Education Development Foundation, Mr. Zhao Lingshan, Director of the Division of International Students Affairs of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of the Ministry of Education of China, and Mr. Antonio Inacio Junior, HE, the ambassador of Mozambique to China.

During the meeting before the signing ceremony, Mr. Ma Xiaomin briefly introduced the development history of China Kingho Group and relevant measures it has taken to implement its Going Global Strategy and gave particular mentioning of the group’s development in Mozambique. To serve the long term demand of its investment and development plan in Mozambique, China Kingho Group decided to establish China Kingho Scholarship Program from 2010 which intends to fund Mozambican students to study in China.

Dr.  Liu Jinghui elaborated the function of CSC and its development in recent years. She pointed out that apart from undertaking Chinese Government Scholarship Programs, CSC, by keeping pace with the times and constantly making innovation, also contracts cooperation agreement with many large state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in concert with China’s Going Global Strategy for Chinese enterprises, thus expanding the scope of Study in China and enhancing China’s influence in this regard.

While promoting the Group’s development, China Kingho Scholarship Program also brings benefits to the local people. It is an excellent cooperation program that serves the need of the country, the enterprise and local people. Dr.  Liu observed that efforts will be made to provide quality service to ensure the smooth implementation of the program.

Mr. Chen Xiyuan, Mr. Zhao Lingshan and Mr. Antonio Inacio Junior, HE the Ambassador spoke on the ceremony respectively. They expressed their congratulations on the establishment of China Kingho Scholarship Program, and observed that they would support Qingho Group and CSC in their efforts and guarantee the smooth implementation of the program.

The signing ceremony was also attended by Mr. Li Jianmin, Deputy Secretary-General of CSC, Mr. Li Yanguang, Director of the Division of International Students Affairs of CSC, Mr. Zou Yi, Deputy General Manager of International Mining Corporation of China Kingho Group and Mr. Chang Yue, Deputy Director of the Chairman’s office of China Kingho Group.

According to the agreement, the program will kick off from 2011.  It is expected that within the next 5 years, 100 Mozambican students will be selected to study in China under this program.
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