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Agreement of NPU and CSC signed
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Agreement between NPU (Northwest Polytechnic University) and CSC (China Scholarship Council) was signed on April the 6th, 2001. President Gorge Hsieh on behalf of NPU and Chairman Zhang Fengxi on behalf of CSC signed this cooperation agreement. The agreement aims at enhancing the educational exchange and cooperation between both sides and also at providing qualified Chinese students with opportunities of studying in America.The Northwest Polytechnic University, founded in 1984, is at present situated in the center of Silicon Valley. The university mainly has 2 colleges, Engineering College and Information Management College. It boasts a great number of qualified teachers and specifies in sending qualified students in IT and Industry &Commercial Management field to large enterprises. According to this Agreement CSC will send 30 students every year to study the course for Master of Computer Science and Master of Industry & Commercial Management at their own expenses.
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