ZSTU Bachelor of Biotechnology in English
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1. Brief Introduction

Based on the Top Priority Discipline of Biology in Zhejiang Province, the major of Biotechnology is equipped with the Provincial Key Laboratory and Demonstration Center of Biological Science Experimental Teaching. There is a strong group of faculty and more than 65% of the full-time teachers have a doctorate degree. This program is intended to provide students with the basic knowledge and qualities of humanities and social sciences as well as natural sciences. 

It aims to train students’ scientific thinking, and help them develop critical-thinking skills and increase their interest and persistence in the study of biological science and technology, with a mastery of the core science concepts and knowledge. The application-oriented professional trainings are to enhance the students’ international vision and knowledge system, and prepare them for employment opportunities including production, quality control, biological test, and management in modern biotechnology industries and related fields. Students that complete the undergraduate education within the prescribed duration are to be granted graduation and awarded a bachelor’s degree in science. There are also programs for a master’s degree in Biology and Ecology.

2. Language Requirement (at least one of the following equivalents)
2.1 High school education completed in the medium of English;
2.2 A paper-based TOEFL score of 500; or an IELTS score of 5.5;

2.3 Other evidence that is acceptable to Zhejiang Sci-Tech University to demonstrate English language proficiency at the necessary level.

3. Main Courses

Introduction to Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Cell biology, Genetics, Chemistry of Natural Product, Genetic engineering, Enzyme Engineering, Fermentation Engineering, Biotechnology Comprehensive Experiments and Research training

4. Duration: 4 years (the duration of study can be 3 to 6 years)    


5. Tuition Fee: RMB 24000 yuan/year

6. Contact Information
 International Students Office, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (ZSTU)
 Contact Person: Jenny ZHENG
 Add: Second Avenue, Xiasha Higher Education Zone, Hangzhou, P. R. China, 310018
 Tel: 86-571-86843189
 Fax: 86-571-86843079
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